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Micra - Updated Reference Sheet by Micraplays Micra - Updated Reference Sheet :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 3 1 Snowfur by Micraplays Snowfur :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 1 0 Ready as I'll ever be - Fanart by Micraplays Ready as I'll ever be - Fanart :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 7 0 Harmony and Heather by Micraplays Harmony and Heather :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 4 0 Stormstar by Micraplays Stormstar :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 3 0 Nightfrost by Micraplays Nightfrost :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 0 0 Turquoise Evening by Micraplays Turquoise Evening :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 3 0 Art Trade with Icyheartproductions by Micraplays Art Trade with Icyheartproductions :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 4 2 Jayfeather by Micraplays Jayfeather :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 7 0 Lightning by Micraplays Lightning :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 1 0 Charlotte and Levia by Micraplays Charlotte and Levia :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 2 0 Sunset by Micraplays Sunset :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 1 0 Happy New Year! by Micraplays Happy New Year! :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 2 0 Art Summary 2017 by Micraplays Art Summary 2017 :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 1 0 Art Trade with Weepingskyart: Silverheart by Micraplays Art Trade with Weepingskyart: Silverheart :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 4 2 Hailstorm by Micraplays Hailstorm :iconmicraplays:Micraplays 4 0


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Micra - Updated Reference Sheet
A new reference sheet for my fursona Micra ^-^
She's now got more defined markings, longer fur and single-coloured eyes (they were brown and green before, now they're amber-greenish).
Also, I gave her a necklace :)

Feedback is always welcome!
I wish you a great further day/evening/night!
A little Snowfur drawing with the Snowfur design of flashtheartist.
I wanted to draw something to get back into digital art since I didn't draw much lately and focused more on traditional drawings when I did.
I'm currently working on a big picture though and hope to finish it this week :)
Feedback is always welcome!
Have a great durther day/evening/night!
Design belongs to flashtheartist.
Ready as I'll ever be - Fanart
Fanart for the "Ready as I'll ever be" map, hosted by Sparrow and eighth Sun.
I was in love with those designs as soon as I saw them 😍
Also, the animations I've seen so far are just amazing and the song is really fitting and catchy.
I can't wait till the map is finished! ^^

To the drawing:
I drew a lineless background and tried to include a bright, sunny light.
Also, I made a more detailed shading/ lighting and I'm pretty happy how it turned out ^-^

Otherwise, feedback is always very welcome!
Have a great further day/evening/night!
Harmony and Heather
Arttrade part for Liinx on Warrior Cats Amino :)
The picture shows their characters Harmony (left) and Heather (right).

Feedback is always very welcome!
He's my fluffiest OC and I love this little furball ^-^
I decided to draw him since I hadn't had any digital pieces of him.
I still need to do refs of all of my characters...
I'm just to unmotivated for that right now and lack of time is starting to kick in again -_-

To the drawing: I must say I'm really satisfied with the eyes as I put a lot of detail in them.
Also, I created a second lighting layer and it improved the drawing at least partly ^^

Feedback is always welcome!
Otherwise have a great further day/evening/night!
Hi there!
I´m finally taking new requests :D
Comment your Oc´s appearence (preferably a link to a picture), their name and in which mood and setting you want them to be drawn. I´ll randomly pick a few requests and decide if I do them as a headshot, fullbody, halfbody, with or without a background,...
Also I prefer drawing cats but I´m also looking forward to try out new things like other kinds of felines or canines (but be aware that I often mess up with these...)


Micraplays's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist
I'm Micraplays, allrounder fangirl and hobby artist ^^

About my art:
-Drawing has been a hobby of mine since 2015 but I haven't drawn regulary before december 2016.
-I do digital and traditional art
-For digital drawings I use GIMP and for traditional art I often use a black fineliner and different pencils.
-The fangirl I am I mainly draw fanarts.

About me:
Well not much to say here...
-I'm a girl from germany.
-I like Warrior Cats, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and different youtuber (mostly german ones like Paluten, GermanLetsPlay, Concrafter,... but also Markiplier)

Where you also can find me:
-Instagram (micraplays)
-Warrior Cats Amino (Micraplays)

Avatar picture was drawn by Weepingskyart.


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TheFallingAcorn Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
omg you are so talented aaaaa i love your art!!! <33
MaalikArtist Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh, du bist Deutsch wie ich sehe! Habe gerade eines deiner Bilder per Zufall gesehen. Ich muss sagen, ich finde deinen Stil sehr ansprechend, genauso die Strukturen im Brustfell. Schade das du nicht mehr Aufmerksamkeit bzw. Aufrufe hier hast. Meinen Watch + Support hast du c;
Micraplays Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist
Vielen Dank :D
Deine Bilder sind aber auch unglaublich schön, hast jetzt einen Watcher mehr ;)
MaalikArtist Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Naw, dankeschön! Ich freue mich auf mehr Bilder von dir, ich liebe deine Hintergründe einfach xD